Reflector pages come in all shapes and sizes but have only one purpose. And that purpose is to drive traffic to your site through the creation of customized pages that relate to your program or offer.

Below are examples of reflector pages that I have personally used, have created for team co-ops, individual affiliates, and business owners. 

These pages are high traffic pages that can bring you leads, traffic, and sales. 
I do not guarantee sales and no one can if they are legit. But I can guarantee that if you use these pages and drive traffic to them, your traffic and leads will increase And you will be branding yourself. by using something different. You are setting yourself above the crowd allowing your sites to generate more traffic because the sites are unique. 

Here are some examples for you to see. 90% of the sites are still running online and only a few are closed.

Take the time to check out each one so you can see what a difference having a reflector page would make.

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