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Reflector Pages

Just what is a Reflector Page?
A reflector page is a webpage that is designed to do one thing.
That is to send a simple message that causes the reader to click the page for more information about your main site. 
It's a page that has only one message, come here!

And although the page and message are simple, it does quite a few more things that will help you get leads and sales.
Just to name a few;
1. Immediately grab the attention of the reader.
2. The reader is invited to learn more.
3. This pre-screens all visitors fast.
   Anyone who clicks the page is interested in what you        have
   The reader is no longer a cold prospect but warm.
4. Allows you to stand out from all other affiliates or             other people who are promoting the same product.
5. It allows you to get the clicks and not the owner of the 
   business you are promoting as an affiliate. 
   This will and can help to build your SEO and brand        yourself.

Each reflector page is designed to your specifications and products.
Once the page is created, you can either purchase the page yourself and run it on your own severs. Or I will host the page in my dedicated  server for a small cost.
I have several different plans that will fit anyone's budget and we can work out a deal that gets you the most benefit for your offer. 
I will host pages for a day, a week, and a month.

It is amazing what these little pages can do for your business.
Take the time to look at the pages by
There are all kinds of reflector pages and the best part is that no one else has a page like yours. 
Think about it. What could this do for your business? 
Sound Interesting? Great!

You can contact me direct at: 434-489-3542 so I can answer any questions you might have.
My email is: drmehsr@gmail.com
My skype: michael.harris628

Looking forward to talking with you and showing you exactly how reflector pages can help your business.

Michael Harris

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